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India Best channel manager software for Hotels & Resorts 2019

The use of a channel manager in a Hotel and who is the best software among 20 software we will discuss here today. Let's first explore the knowledge base what are the advantage and disadvantage of channel manager software in the hotel industry. 

What is channel manager software? Easy definition 
Channel manager is a software program, specially designed and made for managing online travel agency website. Because the same Hotel is available for room booking on different OTA platforms. It is very difficult to manage manually Inventory of rooms device, price wise, category wise. That is the reason the channel manager is being developed and nowadays used by almost every hotels. Channel manager integrates OTA API and performs like a middle person between an OTA website and Hotel website. You can manage inventory, reservation, booking, with the help of the channel manager. Channel manager really made to help a hotel, especially which is having more online booking. Complete automation of OTA management with channel manager software. 

Which is the best channel manager software? 2019-2020  ( how to Find best Tips ) 
me there are almost 200 people companies in India who are providing channel manager software you talk to anyone they will tell you their channel manager is best, but in the real meaning, the definition of good channel manager is having few capacity and capability. Let me show you which channel manager is best according to the technical Audit and user-friendly. 

1. If you want to know how to test about any channel manager software is Good and Bad ask this few questions to the gentleman who came to sell you a channel manager software. 

A. Ask him the first question do you allowed your channel manager to run on my server. If he says yes, believe me, that Jain manager was perfect for your hotel because normally channel manager run on share server, due to this, there is a hundred percent chances each and every booking details also been share to the general manager owner as well as to your competitor Hotel also. Data security and data privacy always consider on top priority before purchasing any technology for your hotel. 

B. Ask to the channel manager software salesperson, is your channel manager have a facility where I can add my hotel personal payment not using your company payment gateway. If he say yes, believe me purchase that's a manager because normally all the general managers which are available in India do not provide a platform where you can integrate your own payment gateway. The reason the charge certain percentage on every confirm booking made by regional manager software. It is just losing money, in fact, the cost of payment gateway network by any nationalized bank will cost you 1000 rupees. But if you calculate how much Commission you have paid to the channel manager software for every confirms payment more than that. 

C. Ask the channel manager to point channel manager to your website code. This is very important to understand because whenever somebody user coming to your website for room booking he is being redirected to general manager in that way your website is sending traffic to the channel manager URL also. If the person allows you to put channel manager on your domain address, believe me, that can manager was excellent and you should purchase that. 

I am sure you are thinking to say thank you to me because I have share you something very unique and trade secret tips suggestions about Hotel channel manager, which till date you are not aware of because I am expert into hotel technology and internet marketing it is my duty and moral responsibility with the help of internet I will share you the useful content information related to Hotel channel manager software so that nobody will cheat you, even Google search result also, if you find any website coming on the top and showing the best channel manager do not trust ask this question before purchase any software. I am thankful to the Google showing this results on the top search results because this result is helping many people finding suitable channel manager software and this article is also very helpful to anyone to be cheated by anyone. 

Who is the best channel manager 2019 

I would like to introduce you Myself Amit Gaur, I am providing services where I am auditing Hotel Technology channel manager software and another example website in social media pages if you are looking for purchase a channel manager you can take my Free consultancy about which channel manager is good or which software is not good. You can contact me by email at 

Here is the list of best channel manager available in India. These are the best trusted and excellent tell manager softwares which available on very reasonable price on Rental basis or licence basis per year.

1. Amit Gaur channel manager software for hotels 
2. CRMZO channel manager software for hotels 
CRMVO channel manager software for hotels 
4. WIFICRM channel manager software for hotels 


 Again I would like to thank you for reading my article and thankful to all those who have shared my information and related to channel manager software so I am able to write this article about software and how to find which is the best OTA channel manager software to purchase



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