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Hotel digital marketing Software

Effective solutions increasing your Hotel revenues

Are you one of those who are looking for effective solutions increasing your hotel revenues by the help of digital marketing ? 

Amit GAur & His Team  are expert Hotel digital marketing professionals. They have developed a software programming for hospitality industry keeping mind This  software will increase total revenues and branding of Hotels Who USe it . 

Please watch the video of our Hotel marketing new strategy for the hotels. This video is in Hindi language. If you cannot understand Hindi language please contact us for more details and personalized demonstration in your language. 

In this demonstration video you will learn how our new marketing strategy will be very helpful for Hotel operators in the following departments and factors. If you watch this video you will learn following things . You will find lot of answers of your questions you are asking yourself or a digital marketing company about your hotel growth. 

If you watch the video following things you will learn. 

1. How your hotel departments are capable enough to market their product and services to the target audience in the world. 

2. How you will set up a communication with new potential customers, new companies, individuals, new business houses, new corporate companies in a very easy way. How easily you can introduce your hotel to them. 

3. How you will set up a big branding like OTA of your Hotel in your city. 

4. How you will make popular your venues ( Banquet , Wedding , restaurants , Bar Etc.) in the city. 

5. How you will make your any activity or event famous in the City. 

6. How you will reduce your hotel marketing expenses to 50 % and double the results. 

If you watch this video you will learn this is a new marketing strategy something very new out of the box for the hotel operators who are looking for solutions increasing there total revenues. 

This concept is been developed by Mr Amit gaur who is also founder of WIFICRM Software. A software which interface at hotel Wi-Fi system enthan what that network into a 2 way communication between a hotel guest and Hotel departments. This software is also useful for increasing tripAdvisor reviews and ranking, automation of social media marketing, data capturing tool for Hotel operators. After successful invent for hospitality industry Mr amit has developed this technology for Hotel operator. 

You can contact mr Amit about both the projects here : 
Call : +919571118855

Hotel digital marketing Software
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