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Best Software Hotels Management

Software capable to manage Hotel operation smoothly

The best software for Hotel operators and hotel business owners to increase customer satisfaction and reduce communication gap between Hotel departments from a software. Perfect Combination of Technology an artificial intelligence system for hotel industry. WIFICRM Software

Contribution of this software 

The software is being made by the hotel professional and very expert Information and Technology individual. This software is problem solving tool for increasing customer experiences as well as automation of social media marketing. The software programming provides a complete solutions for Hotel operator problems. 

1. Hotel guest complaint management 
   Software has a interactive real-time complaint man system. Hotel guest can real time enrolled his requirements or complaint directly to the hotel departments instantly alert from the system and service recovery fast by Hotel operators is the capacity of this software. 

2. Guest experience system 
   This software can be used as enhancing guest experiences without asking anything from the hotel reception the guest will self find out the nearby places to the hotel, room service menu, bar menu, and many more facilities from his own phone we can operate. Overall he can operate the hotel departments from his own phone. 

3. Digital marketing 
   The software is capable to store Hotel guest WhatsApp details then there will be automation of marketing on the behalf of the hotel to the all those who are visiting in the hotel. Very new concept of Hotel digital marketing performance by this software 

5. 100 more options 
   The software comes with 103 solutions for hospitality industry you can find 103 solutions from one software this is the best hotel management software you have to take to the concerned to know more about this software 
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