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Right now I will be telling you about Hotel Marketing & tools Chanel Manager & New Software’s starting with the Article just before I go ahead a little About My background I am Amit Founder and Senior Business consultant at WIFICRM with many years of hands on experience in the hospitality industry at rest while I was an insight on how we can sell more rooms online.

we talk about the best practices all hotel years must follow to sell more rooms online please do feel free to share all your concern and questions and I will be answering them at the end of the session doing this for many years and that of the certainly time not long ago that I used to tell people if they had to sell more rooms online they have  a very good website well known as most of us have realized although it is crucial to have a website it is just not enough and so many things we have to do to create a total online presence .


3 things need to be integrated in a way that makes sense or maybe even built in a way that make sense .All the questions about alien must be asking themselves to sell more rooms online away present where customers are booking a small and mid-sized hotels taking advantage of OTA to compete with larger what else using the right Challenge. rooms efficiently and how to identify this right channels are the different modes of distribution every Hotel you have to look into an awesome status master to strike the light balance to sell more rooms online basics.

  1. write first with design a very nice website create website and find its use social media let's invest in ots is considered GDS and also looking to meta search engines explain all of this in detail now and give you an insight on
  2. How you can strike the right balance firstly increase direct bookings secondly try to implement a channel manager and also try to improvise on GPS so how exactly do I increase direct bookings I know I pray that easier said than done everybody tells me to increase direct of things but how exactly do I do this design a website that has a very user friendly interface no most of you will think and say you know I have already done this but I don't see a drastic increase at all sorry there was some slide still there I don't see a drastic increase at all I am usually I would care about 15 talking someone but with this expensive website have problem in about 18 to 300 month was always money spend worth it on the website offline and online to increase sales list covers offline strategy build up with just open directly indigenius make them feel special by using a thank you for working with us directly image of accounts basics of range of additional value added services and deals for the day special report directly with you this is proved to increase word of mouth and brand over next you can properly look into increasing your loyal customers and let them promote your hotel undoubtedly the best customers are those who enjoy this day and feel satisfied I am so you all agree there are they are you most value promoters as well this means more money and which entrance means Mobo scares to promote your brand of a them loyalty membership of a redemption points do it for them a new customer my daily easy but eating the customer is very difficult to surprise your chest without taylormade offer and keep them returning and they intern at the show your display intern will get you more customers so that was a offline mode looking to ur online mods is your website mobile friendly if it is do you have a website interface for your website studyship stone is that in 2014 mobile usage from accounts up to 25% of all the web traffic which is up from 14% year ago 6% of the Global population on a tablet today that's one in every 17 people so that's mobile version for you so if apps look like to see also what else can we do online let's try to imitate in OTA and you know properly imitating OTA with the property this is showing another way to implement 250 launch a website and it is surely you know it clap your website visitors attention remember in the early days of internet I mean the special of especially customise for your hotel at office a great deal and invite them to book now and not only just stay on your website so this example shows you just that example from river valley in California this website you have dedicated specialised continue browsing


I having the social media plugin for social media exclusive offers then you are most likely to sell more rows Facebook Twitter Instagram all of these service in excel in platform use this platform as an extension of you and make sure you put a the same brand communication across all these outlets regularly update pictures length of a given new offers and promotions very easy for the test to check your website details on the social media rather then find their finding you on an OTA increase the time your hotel while posting pictures of this stay.


Preventive in sentence if you have a facebooking engine which looks like this and it with the gas does not even have to go to your website and can make the booking through Facebook that is definitely and added foliar spray what else there is so many other things that you can do online and the best thing that you can do is be active on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor surely is another chance to enter is your Travellers to come back to your site better than an OTA all the hotel operators should be active on TripAdvisor and should actively respond to all the feedbacks good bad ugly this is this is also help you increase your ratings so he is an example how is an example of how you can respond to your bad or good reviews so it's really good way that you respond to a review and you know it's acknowledged and this definitely helps to increase your rating such when another thing that you can do is also used tripadvisors to connect to increase your direct booking just by signing up in TripAdvisor you need to make sure that you are you doing truth premium partner so cute what happens somebody says you on TripAdvisor I want to make a poking you win tonight she is there is an official website along with the other ots destiny play maybe I'm gonna go ahead and book through the official website Clicks on the official website goes on the website and there is easily trust to call you or fill the long form to make the reservation or just get a response that is reservation is confirmed so this alone is not enough you need to have a perfect platform integrated on the website so now when a person comes on to your website through that connect PC is a working platform like this we have all the tricks of the trade to increase our direct bookings now but we have the right to link list all our potential cash to make the bookings there is a very very fine line between attracting the custom mein to your website and making them book and having the light booking tool on a platform becomes absolutely crucial it it's very crucial to use an effective booking in cell if your booking engine is capable of incorporating all the room details in allows you to upsell your value added services you show to get more direct bookings are not that important thing that should you should consider when choosing the right booking engine used to make sure that it is very very easy for us to book a simple 324 step process would be an ideal booking engine for you so that are added bookings to sell more rooms on Outlook what channel manager can do for you

Technological advancements today are continuously making the world smaller and smaller third party channels like orbit it has become an absolute mass today for any hotel near trying to sell more rooms online soon every single hotel motel PNB guest house of size location or budget.


Show that are direct bookings to sell more rooms what channel management small party channels like hobbits Hobbit all become an absolute mass today for Hotel you're trying to sell more rooms online soon every single Hotel Bullet PNB guest house regardless of size location or budget ipsa channel manager this channel Manager free to help you manage inventory and rates across all relevant online channel so why not make use of them can I have a channel management now so how will it exactly help me showrooms so here what it does actually it display

Hundred percent availability across all your channels using the fold inventory concept having an effective channel manager allows you to control manage and also monitor your rates and availability in real time close all your chance for example when I kissed books a room online travel agent availability of immediately and in real time across all other sites this lets you maximize your room inventory and also save the trouble of taking care of overbooking because there will be no 1 bookings and it also makes it carefully tension free when it comes to your cancellations given day you told about 20 of your rooms can you feel comfortable now what is a group cancellation comes across and suddenly you have 10 rules we can you immediately Roshan log into equity extranet change your availability availability and maybe give up a last minute prices or reduce the prices just imagine the amount of work involved with a channel manager you can you do not have to worry about all of this another booking for cancelled automatically intern in real time your inventory is updated which means you will not miss out on even a single booking that could have come in on a given day channel manager ensure that your present online 24 by 7 and your rooms are available for requests book round the clock making a day you slowly looking at an increase Occupancy rate intern increase revenue and Intel more sales. Average

Medium size total should have at least five ots and how to manage this channel managers and how do how can I utilize this for my advantage best music channel manager is to Interface it with the powerful Property Management System also known as BMS this will allow you to maximize online exposure increase revenue and importantly reduce the reduce the time it takes to update your rooms inventory and prices channe l Mahua channel manager of pact with the powerful PMS bill operations very slow and hassle-free but not only allows you to manage your room inventory and prices but also

Friends to view and minus 30 reservation statue god is there for very very important for any hotel yaar so that's our channel manager now let's look into what else would be our best stocks and under Title could be a global distribution system so we all agree to a fact that no more divisibility rules we can sell and this is where Global distribution system which is in there are various Global distribution systems today present like a mad is Galileo was banned paper and these are all channels to be on a global distribution system ISO 100 thousand online travel agent login day in and day out booking flights booking hotels ka lentils and all other travel related activities is basically acts as a middle man between a travel agent and Hotel TDS will definitely Allahabad hotel near to keep in touch with relative strength the emerging Trends that are happening every day in addition that allows about alien to decide the significance significance is friends are for this baseless TDS not only helps you in terms of visibility and due to this visibility you are sure to get bookings even during a law season you represent on as many channels possible that are there today in the market basically you are a part of a very very fast network


Example of illustrating the advantages of GDS is by comparing it to a Supermarket if you want to be visible when you have to make sure your present in as very super market shares as possible we all remember the MLA Eminem candidates that are there at the top of the counter right in front of the eyes and in multiple cells that is how exactly visibility works for you with CDS you there you present everywhere and internal real-time rates send from your BMS GDS directly today philosophy send to all of you rotation turn can be managed by the PMS so sorry it's all about being in the eyes of your customers the more visibility you have the most cells your present all the more information you get urine during Yolo seasons and until you see a drastic change an increase in the number of your promise you sell online I have all the tools and metals methods to sell rooms online but this distribution system would be very challenging to you know manage and how do I control my direct booking through my website of social media effectively manage all the prices through website social media channel manager GDS and specially all of this together I would say the two ways of managing this online distribution you follow the age old method distribution system channels in division very smart hotel here and dataadapter unified this unified approach will this is not complete using reproach you can manage restriction restriction free system by integrating your channel manager website social media and GDS to Powerful BMS it will enable you to manage all of the channel from a single centralised dashboard so this can be done without having hundreds of resources managing hundreds channels at the same time you have your website Facebook on your Facebook and you are also on Expedia for example and you are a property of safety rules you can you get about five booking from these channels what happens you come party like this your bombarded with emails and you have to book my stall of this and you know you have three or four people working at the front desk putting the reservation on to the system to make sure you know when the case Daman you can make in the second what if you miss out on a reservation unified distribution system lacs latest for you these 25 reservation that you got to all of you distribution mode automatically and in real time get updated on your DMS Pur enter your availability of 25 other rooms that you have who is automatically and again in real time updated across all your channels just imagine one person doing this compare to 10 people main simple definite


Question problem it how best to I determine the best channels from a well to answer this question I can't properly give your generalized answer it basically depends upon the type of property you have how many dedicated channels that you'd like to go with if TDS is a good affair not again in terms of Persia and how will you would like to analyses this report so what I do is I'll keep the best channels option for 14 questions you can provide describe about your property answering them. Open some questions now


Education system has an alarm neutral and you can ask the questions or you can also send in your queries at sales at Hotel connect with me directly at Amit Gaur ( +919571118855) thank you for your question

Basically what happens is the website alone or your social media alone does not provide you a report you will need a platform very of integrated your website and your soul social activity so what is that is the importance of a platform that is the importance of a PMS what happens is once you have your PMS interface website and your social Facebook for example security so general basis let's just say you have received five booking from your website for booking from Facebook and you have about five booking from your walk ins so using the reporting tool which is a part of any good PMS right you can you be able to analyses how many bookings your battery got from your website on this particular day for this particular week or month unable to understand your business but also to say Good forecast day with this new development on my website have increased my direct bookings Wi-Fi par 10th book engine on social media really help me understand that people are actually going and booking on my social media as well and API MS win asus support where and you know UK exactly get to know the source of the booking for you and you can I speak track the number of bookings are the number of reservation Flipkart from particular chat again Richard yes we actually interface with the third party channel called mailchimp integration where in it actually gives your Dashboard of the nation basically works on the concept of locust cookers and also at the cornerstone of mailchimp is that it is a email into email marketing to email marketing tool wear in a phone Innova Innova automatic emails are sent out to the gas on a regular basis from the time they looked into the website improperly three days later another email after stent out to them and also you will have a dashboard on your p.m. EST mP creation my location my location actually gives you the number of visitors and also the train that is the going on on your website hotel Logix so I think the condition that you have here there is better between an OTA and a channel manager so what we basically 2 days we integrate your hotel Logix with either vertical booking or siteminder which of your choice you can choose this as your channel manager and then when you give us the details of full you know what about your login details username and password and so on and so forth we take these details and make siteminder channel manager I want to integrate without logicstat the probable answer is like Nobita not integrate with about it we associate the OTA to the channel manager and intern integrate the channel manager so you're not only getting a note about you get your channel manager with Hotel Logix very good question in detail of marketing activities that each and everyone should tap into byte AV cover most of the important and one special trending so we have you know we have the social media we have direct booking we have started connect as a third party integration we are the premium partners with tripconnect and we also have we have TDS like symbol of Galileo was banned so basically what I am trying to say here is there any number of marketing strategies one can you know implement but all the trending marketing strategies all the ones which are working for all the ortelius right now be with them right now latest development is that was the website is mobile compatible mobile screen compatible for the app is definitely in a pipeline and we intend to do this out so it cannot give you a definite timeline when an ap is going to be out but it is definitely harvest list that concludes are WagonR if you have any further queries or questions you know where to email us or college I can also get in touch with me directly on LinkedIn Skype or female




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