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Can I Increase your Hotel revenues what will you pay me

First of all my gratitude and thank you for reading my services related to Hotel internet marketing in India. I provide excellent revenue Management services to increase your website direct bookings I know many hotels are not able to increase their website direct bookings and due to this they are confused which digital marketing company is good and how they will increase their total revenues I am going to shade you information about by performance-based Hotel marketing services and I will definitely increase your hotel revenues with the help of internet marketing I have my specialty and expertise into this domain.

I am Amit Gaur and I provide excellent internet marketing services for the hospitality industry. I am applying to work for your organization as a part-time internet marketing employee. I can give you a guarantee that I will be making your hotel famous on search engines. 

Let me share your information about my Services Department wise for your hotel. 

1. I will increase your Hotel website online Direct Room booking 
   I will be applying my marketing strategies and I will be increasing your website direct bookings. I will be regularly monitoring OTA search engines and algorithms and I keep doing updates on your website and attract more traffic on your website to book directly from your hotel website. 

2. Increasing your Hotel banquet revenues 
   I will be marketing your banquet venues on search engines and make your website on top pages related to all keywords banquet mice weddings 

3. Increasing your food and Restaurant revenues 
   I will be marketing food restaurant and food on search engines, and I will be making my great strategy used for your restaurant food business footfalls. 

4. Marketing about your Spa and other guest activities 
   Whatever you tell me to the market I will do that which include special holiday packages, Happy Hours, special events, etc. 

5. Managing your social media platforms 
   I will be managing your social media platforms and on daily basis, I am going to feed something interesting for your audience which involve creating a good artwork, for all your departments, every day I will be posting 4 interesting artwork related to your hotel departments. 

6. Chatbot, I will be designing a special chatbot for your website and deployed this will be very helpful to attract more bookings from your website. 

7. I also made my personal booking engine for my customers if you like my booking engine I will give you my booking engine free of cost for a lifetime if you are using my services. I will be charging you a very reasonable price one time for the booking engine. 

Overall I will be making your internet marketing flawless because I work for many years into this industry and I know each and everything about hotels Resorts operations and marketing. 

I will be making you happy that my fees are only Less What you are paying Presently  

I would like to mention one more thing I am going to give you 1000000/- RS insurance for your Hotel website also free. That will be very helpful if your website is being hacked the agency will pay you some of the rupees. 

You can contact me on my phone number or Email address and we can discuss your project. 

Phone +919571118855  email

What I can guarantee you is I will be providing you promising services and you will definitely get the results and if you don't get the results I will not charge you my fees. 

I am sure you are happy to associate with a good personality who has good knowledge of product and services and who belong to the hospitality industry so that you are getting something which you are expecting. 


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