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Experience chef Looking for JOB 16 Years Of Working Experience

Experience chef: Amit Gaur 

I learn you have an opening and Requirement of culinary professional. I visited your Hotel Website and collected some information from my Reliable sources understand the job requirements and present challenges at your Hotel F&B. 

 Chef Amit Gaur Tel : +919571118855  ( india )

Hello, I am Amit Gaur  From  Jaipur 40 Year Of Age and 16 Years Of Work Experience  From many days, I am also looking for an opportunity to join Somewhere like your Hotel. 

1. I am having Good 16 years of working experience in the industry. 

2. I am having working experience as an executive chef & corporate chef profiles. 

3. I am having an entrepreneur working experience which makes me capable to run any business as a profit centre.I understand profit and Losses in business

4. I am from a luxury culinary background. Innovation, teaching, problem-solving, solutions are in my blood.

Software programming & google study is my hobbies Last 3 years.I  have developed 3 software dedicated to the hospitality industry. Presently my software Helping 80 Hotels sales Marketing & TripAdvisor ranking solutions. ( U can Search online ) 


2. Hotel Google MARCOM 

I find myself suitable for this job. And I promise you I will increase the quality of food, systems and processes in fnb department. 

and the most I will make Your Hotel F&B department capable to market the product and services to the target audience in the world. 

I will be thankful if you give me the opportunity. The promising result will be a character guarantee.

I am sure, you are also looking for somebody join your business for more growth of your Brand

CURRICULUM VITAE                                                           

Chef Amit Gaur, House 37, Sector 6 Malviya Nagar Jaipur.(RAJ)    







I want to Share my knowledge to the organizations for increasing Revenues and Reputation. Working together and creating a High Benchmark for all those who are into FNB Business.



  • Diploma in Food Preparation & Culinary Art
  • Secondary school certification
  • BA from Rajasthan University
  • Google Advance SEO Expert
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Software Program knowledge ( C++/HTML/ Javascript)  


EXPERIENCE:     4 years  Working Details: - 2018-2014


My Present Income Source


A. Culinary consultancy and Trainer:

   I been associated with few Hotels in India as their Consultant during 2014-2018 My Job is to increase quality & standards of food, develop innovative menus, arrest management loss, identify training needs, and provide standard operating procedures. This is more challenging work than working as an executive chef or corporate chef.B because you need to prove yourself always with promising results to every client else you will not get next opportunity. But in job, it's very easy.

  Following Organizations I have contributed  in between 2014- 2018

  1. Shankus Resorts, Schools, Naturopathy Center  And water Park Gujarat
  2. Ran Of Kuch Govt Of India
  3. Ananta Hotels       (Udaipur, Jaipur, Pushkar )
  4. 1589 Hotels Pan India
  5. Nirvana Naturopathy  Nasik
  6. Grand Unira Jaipur

B. My Second Income from Software sells 

   I made my own Software I Sell My Software Programs to Hotels 

A. WIFICRM: Wi-Fi communication & increasing Hotel Guest experiences & trip Advisor Ranking tool.

B. GOOGLE MARCOM: Instant broadcasting Google script Just Speak N Its Come on Google Search

C. WORLD CONNECT:  Instant connect to the world target audience on the Internet  

D. FOOD COST (Purchase + Food Cost management)

2014-1998   As in The  Job work experience (1998 -2014)


Hotel Clarks Amer |  IT                                                                        (1998-1999)

Welcome Group Rajputana Sheraton | MT                                          (1999-2000)

Hotel Neelam Palace | Commi 1                                                         (2001-2001 )

HH Jaipur Project |Commi-1                                                               (2001-2004)

Taj Jai Mahal Palace -GSA                                                                  (2004-2005)

RKHS LTD Mumbai | Unit Chef                                                            ( 2005-2005)

Deogard Resorts | Executive chef                                                        ( 2005-2006 )

Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace | Sous Chef                                               (2006-2007)

Hotel Sea princess Mumbai | Executive chef                                       ( 2007-2009)

Madhubhan Spa and Resort Gujarat | Executive chef                          ( 2009-2011)

United 21 Group Mumbai | Corporate chef                                           (2011-2013)

Aveda Hotels Mumbai | Corporate chef                                                  (2013-2014)





    • Management & Business Entrepreneur skills
    • Costing and Budgeting skills
    • Marketing and Execution strategy skills
    • Menu planning & menu engineering skills
    • Hands on training skills cooking & sequence of service
    • Manpower Training skills
    • Quality Audit and set standard operating procedure skills.
    • Operational & Guest Excellency skills
    • Standardization & ISO implementation skills
    • Skill Mapping and Progress mapping skills
    • Communication: Fluent in English and Hindi.
    • Ability to resolve conflicts efficiently.
    • Attention to detail – Ability to quickly discover and resolve problems.




    •      Software programming Skills
    •      Expert level Hotel Digital marketing skills
    •      Google Search Engine Optimization Expert level skills.



      • Good decision making and analytical skills.
      • Able to handle peoples in a very efficient way.
      • Ability to prioritise tasks.
      • Respectful & Reverent.
      • Flexible & Multi-Talented
      • Ability to prioritise tasks.
      • Respectful & Reverent.
      • Flexible & Multi-Talented

Culinary knowledge:

 International and Pan Asian food, European, Mexican, Burmese, Indian, Tandoor, Bakery, Italian overall I know my subject well.


Name              :           Amit Gaur


Fathers name                      :           Shri N.L Gaur

Date of Birth                        :           25-02-1978

Marital status                       :           Married


Sex                                         :           Male


Languages                           :           English, Hindi & Punjabi


Nationality                            :           Indian



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