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Hotel Marketing Software

A software and system for performing your Hotel marketing 

Conclusion: Hotels required softwares in following areas 

1. Marketing software for sending emails to the customers 
2. Marketing software to sending SMS to the customers 
3  marketing software for ranking their website on top search results ( SEO Software) 
4. Digital Marketing software for the hotels 
5. Communication setup marketing for the hotels 

And today I am telling you about, one of the best hotel Marketing software, which has all in one. For your hotel marketing

Technology and software are helping our systems. Hotel industries are run by, peoples, and technology. If softwares are removed from hotels, hotel operations will collapse. Today I am telling you about one of the best software for Hotel operators handmade for hotel industry for performing great Hotel marketing. A software which include 360 Hotel marketing performance. 

About Hotel Marketing software 
This hotel Marketing software is being designed and developed in India. And only available for Indian hotel and resorts operators and managers. If you are hotel and resort situated in any part of India this information for you. 
This software has three models and perform, helpful, tool for Hotel sales professionals for Hotel marketing. 

1. Worldconnect Hotel Software 
  First module of the software is called World connect, this module is made for Hotel sales professional to increase target audience marketing from emails. This is email Marketing software, helping total sales professionals for setup upgrade Lead Management. Target audience marketing. This software, is it built module in Wi-Fi CRM. 

2. Online marketing Software For Hotels 
   This is the second module of the software, the module is very simple and easy and effective for online marketing on Google browser, this software has inbuilt Search Engine Optimisation program, as per the Google. Hotel can easily, operate this software and increase their website and branding presence online. We have added a demonstration video, you can watch the video, and see how to operate this software and perform a great Hotel online marketing. With the help of this software hotels can create their presence online for all the events and activity happening in the hotels, next Sunday brunch, special items, discount, banquet halls, restaurants, every marketing can be set up with the software. A great website software searching program for hotels. 

3. Guest experience software 

This software capture guest communication details, email id and phone numbers, you can send emails, in SMS from the software. This software is a great tool for maintaining customer database, owncloud computer, and you can use this database for your hotel marketing on different versatile platforms, you can send your Facebook request, you can perform digital marketing, you can send emails, sMS, in WhatsApp, this software is very helpful for the hotels for creating database, and then set up that database into automated marketing for the hotels. 

Sharing you the details and the link of hotels 

Best hotel marketing softwares, for Indian resorts and hotels. This software has all in one module, you can perform, email marketing, sMS marketing, website marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, facebook marketing, every solution for Hotel marketing from a software is Amit Gaur Software.

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Our website and software developments

Our Artificial intelligence websites

All the websites come with the Google Search Engine Optimisation search engine marketing module.

Latest developments are

1. Restaurant ordering website -       INR  45000/- ( 0 annual maintenance charge, one-time investment)

2. multi restaurant online ordering system     INR 65000/-( 0 annual maintenance charge, one-time investment)

3. Hotel website with self-booking engine and payment gateway ( 25000/- (0 annual maintenance charge, one-time investment)

4. OTA website    INR 65000/-( 0 annual maintenance charge, one-time investment) 


Our artificial intelligence software

1. Google Marketing software      INR 150000/-    (0 annual maintenance charge, one-time investment)

2.  TripAdvisor ranking software   65000/--  (0 annual maintenance charge, one-time investment)

3.  COVID-19 Hotel Guest WOW  ( (0 annual maintenance charge, one-time investment) 45000/- INR


Hotel Marketing Services

1. SEO for Hotels: 15000/- Per month ( marketing of your all hotel categories and department responsibility will be ours.

2. SMO for Hotels:- 15000/- one time ( we can teach your staff how to do that)


Hotel revenue Management Services

Just pay 5000 rupees and I will teach yourself staff Hotel  revenue management, how to find city Occupancy how to increase website direct booking with little coding and software



* hosting IP cost Extra for all Software 

* Google licence and insurance for Google Marketing software extra



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