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Everyone who want to start his restaurant food business having few questions in this mind no doubt food business is always attractive and profitable business but if it is being done properly you will survive I have seen 90 peoples sale in food business as a Startup. Good evening friends I am Rahul and I am working with Chef Amit Gaur who is one of the leading restaurant and food consultant in India. Today I will be telling you most important question and answer for your food business. 

This question and answer session is going to be very helpful for all those who are confused related to restaurant consultancy food consultancy and want to open their restaurants. 

1. How a Consultant for restaurant help me? 
 Answer : If you are planning to open your restaurant and you are not from this field a consultant will definitely solve your many problems a good consultant will reduce your startup expenses and a bad consultant will take Commission whatever you purchase and go away with smiling face. 

2. Who is the best restaurant consultant in India ? 
   Chef Amit Gaur is one of the leading restaurant food consultant in India he is providing his services from last 5 years and he have done many successful restaurant opening in the past. 

3. What services restaurant consultant provides ? 
   Restaurant consultant provide you complete solution from the designing of the kitchen, restaurant seating layout, menu planning, standard of recipe, costing of recipe, and chef Amit Gaur is one of the only consultant who will give you a promising internet Marketing Solution also for your new restaurant brand. Because without marketing good food not able to sold in the market. 

4. How much restaurant consultant charge ? 
   Normally restaurant consultant charge depend on the project but chef Amit Gaur having a Ala Carte menu on consultancy basis. Itni you decide which service you required and pricing and Fee according to that. 

5. Is restaurant consultant provide me manpower ? 
   Normally a good consultant will not give you manpower and it is also not been suggested to take manpower from the consultant because if consultant contract has been finished there are many chances he will take his employee back and again you will come on stage 0. It is been suggested you always higher your own employees and trained by consultant. 

6. Who is good consultant in Mumbai for restaurant ? 
   Chef Amit gaur  is one of the popular name in mumbai. He is advising and associated with many hotels and restaurant in Mumbai you can learn more about him searching him online on Google chef Amit gaur 

7. Which is the best profitable restaurant business ? 
   QSR ( quick service restaurant) is the most profitable food business even you can also try small food card, dark kitchen and supply online website food orders. 

8. How to increase restaurant revenue 
   If your restaurant revenues are not increasing you need to work on your menu planning costing and standardization of recipe then involved into marketing this will help increasing restaurant revenues. 

9. Which is the best restaurant consultant in Delhi ? 
   Nowadays Chef Amit Gaur is most popular name in India as a restaurant and food consultant you can always find many online on Google. 

10. What is the approximately restaurant kitchen equipment cost ? 
    Kitchen equipment cost depend on the size of the kitchen. Approximately kitchen equipment cost between 5 lacs to 20 lacs. For a restaurant seating arrangement for 150 peoples. 

11. Who is the best executive chef of India ? 
    2019 chef amit gaur has won best executive chef of India award because he is the only chef in India who is teaching restaurant hotel staff how to participate in to food business marketing with the help of internet. He is one of the expert Chef India. 

I am sure you have find all the questions related to restaurant consultancy food consultancy and how to increase your restaurant business if you want to contact us you can contact us here. 
Restaurant Consultancy Services India 
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