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Amit gaur hotel internet marketing solutions very specific Strategies for increasing Hotel revenue

I know it's going to be very hard time if your hotel revenues has really drop down due to heavy competition in the city. What you need is effective new hotel marketing strategies. 

Marketing of Hotel is is very difficult subject everybody has his own opinions related to hospitality industry marketing. I would like to contribute little my knowledge and past experience into how you can make our Hotel marketing strategies so strong that we increase Hotel revenues with less efforts. 

My number 1 strategy suggest to hotels is 
Believes in internet marketing if you check your past revenue records and financial achievements you will find internet is helping your hotel increasing peoples are finding your hotels on internet, agreed with you you are not having a big presence on internet rather than a OTA. Travel agency, and they are taking whose commission from you on confirm hotel booking. 

So my first strategy is reducing commissions paid to OTA is also contribute increasing your hotel revenues. 60% of Hotel revenues are coming from online websites and their charging 25% of the missions it means if you can reduce the commissions you definitely increase your revenues graph straight forward. 

Anyone looking for Hotel internet marketing can contact us we provide hotel internet marketing solutions and we have design very specific Strategies for increasing Hotel revenue. We are working 24 into 7 and our Associates are across in the country India. 

We are something very different unique and promising structured individuals having a creative mind how to increase Hotel revenue. 

We will be very happy if we can associate with you you tell me where is your hotel days in Delhi in Mumbai in Chennai in Hyderabad in Udaipur in Jaipur where delhi reach at your hotel by email phone number or past and present you can also visit our office or you just pick up your mobile phone and dial +919571118855. 
You speak to Mr Amit God he will associate you everything you want related to your hotel revenue development. 

Overall I am sure you want to call us for your hotel marketing because they will give you a guarantee that either will increase your hotel revenues or reason\ lose our fees from you. 

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