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Top 10 ideas for your Hotels to increase more online bookings

Are you thinking day night how to increase more online Hotel revenues room confirmations and bookings this is for you top 10 ideas for your hotel to increase more online booking By Amit gaur digital marketing Trainer for hospitality industry.

Hello everyone I am sure after coronavirus there is one problem in your mind and the problem is how I can increase my hotel business how I can increase more online booking how I will get again customers at my hotel. So this artical dedicate for you and for your hotel in this article I am going to tell you top 10 ideas which are new strategies made by myself to market your hotel on big level on internet and then increase more revenues. You can do it using your present Hotel employees and staff and if you find your staff need training and support then you can always contact myself. So shall we start ok.

Before reading this you have to give me a commitment that you will discuss this strategy with your present team members managers and take their inputs and if you find this is interesting you can start implementing this. Because I don't want you just read it and forget it.

So my first idea is for you to increase your Hotel online room booking Are Below but before that take a pen and paper and write down 25 hotels name in your city which are doing very well and your competitors.

1. So my first Idea increasing your hotel booking is Go to Google ads login with your hotel official Gmail ID and registered and create a campaign mentioning all your competitor hotels name do not do campaigns on generic keywords life best hotel in your city top 10 hotel in your city axactor do a campaign consider your competitor names so that if somebody is searching online your competitor hotel for room booking you can also show your hotel website using Google advertisement . In that way you will find you will increase up to 20% of your room bookings. And trust me this is tried and tested. The only thing is you need to have a creative words using Google advertisement and if you have any problem you can contact me I can help you and Train Your employees.

2. My second idea for you is to increase more online bookings for your hotel is remarketing your OTA pages on Google social media and different search engines by using one of the professional who no Search Engine Optimisation and search engine marketing for you can contact myself to help you and provide you such training programs. If you are doing this you will find you will increase more online room booking from OTA platforms because when you optimise your OTA pages you will find your visibility will increase and when your visibility increase you will have more online room booking from OTA that sides like TripAdvisor Expedia extra.

3. My third idea for you is to increase more revenues for your hotel and more customer is adopting YouTube platform YouTube is beautiful platform do the video marketing make your hotel videos and published on this website this is one of the new project which market hotel on different search engines and platform. You can visit here and explore this platform this is one of the best platform for marketing your hotel videos promotions on internet without any cost. If your present digital marketer expert into ranking the videos on YouTube then it will also a great idea to start with YouTube if you need any help or suggestions you can always contact myself for training and support about YouTube marketing of hotel on internet.

4. My Fourth idea for you is this is very secret idea optimise your Google business my page because if you optimise your Google business my page you will find more traffic on your website and when more traffic come on your website automatically your website start coming on first pages on Google and other search engines so to do that you need to optimise your Google business my page if you know how to do it please do it 10 minutes daily and if you don't know it contact me I can also help you training support and all type of counselling how to optimise Hotel Google business my page on internet.

5. My 5 suggestion is for you is appoint somebody from your present Hotel team to send regular personal emails to corporates and companies and business houses in your city sharing that now you re open your hotel and you are offering discount promotions and offers so that they come to know about offers promotions about your hotel and they can come and you will increase more customers for your hotel.

6. Hotel marketing 6 idea is use Google server for hosting your website because if you want your website to be rank on first pages on search engine you need to have a bigger server this is technical which 90% of people fail doing it and they spend lot of money on Search Engine Optimisation and keywords to rank a website on tour packages the first important is your website speed has to be fast and your server has to be back so that if traffic coming to your website your website will not died.

7. This is very important suggestion for you if you want to increase your hotel revenues and business that keep faith in the God. This is a difficult time but it if you and your people your staff working together on one goal about marketing and branding of your hotel on internet trust me coming time will be lovely for your organisation.

8. My this suggestion you will definitely appreciate if you want to increase your hotel revenues please use social media platforms paid campaigns rather than hiring a digital marketer and asking them posting daily basis creatives for your hotel because you need to optimise your hotel in your city because you need to take your business from city of a pen C rather than considering a wide map marketing for your hotel.

Overall if you do this for next 90 days trust me you will find you are into a better position in the city where your room Occupancy has increase you have business for restaurant your banquet hall and you have peoples walking around in your hotel otherwise the situation going to little difficult in coming Times if you need my assistant or training you can contact us we provide digital marketing training to hotels and hospitality industry we also provide digital marketing services and some about our expenses and our services you will find here.





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