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Customer Information Broadcasting Department For Hotels

He  promise Hotels & Resorts to Recovering all your lost & Present Revenue Targets by Teaching and Starting " Guest information Broadcasting Department ( GIBD ) .

He Made a New technologies and Machine learning and artificial intelligence websites taking place of digital marketing Agencies for Hospitality industry.

Today I am  are sharing information about How to market your Hotel on Google & youtube using machine teaching algorithm and artificial intelligence. 

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you some New knowledge base  for your Hotel sales and marketing on Google and YouTube special design program for Hotel general managers and Hotel sales managers . Digital marketing program name is :- "Customer Information Broadcasting Department " ( CIBD )

HI , Meet Amit ! He made A New  Hotel Digital Marketing Machine learning Program where He Teach Hotel GM & Hotel Sales professionals (Free learning ) How to Use Google and YouTube platforms in a correct way & Self Do Hotel All Product and Service Marketing in 3 min Daily.

And Results @ Hotels GM & Sales Manager Reaching to  Peoples ( Free Of Cost ) Mobile Phone Who Looking for Hotel Booking, Wedding , MICE , food etc. Which Many Others are Also Offering in your city . Over All Free More Visible On Google & youtube Means your Has Hotel  More Chance "They Book You "

Meet Amit Gaur ,Who is He ? And What He DO ?  Please Search on Google " Hotel Marketing Expert in World " Google Show Amit Sir He is teacher Mentor of Many Hotel staff about Google digital marketing trainings. For Sales enquiry Tel :- +919571118855 Email If

Back to subject :-  ( easy way for Hotel employees understand and work on Google and YouTube for enhancement business visibility and achieving revenue goals )

Are you a hotel General Manager or hotel owner or maybe Hotel sales and marketing professional do you want it your revenue target should meet without much more efforts. During and after covid-19 impact to hospitality industry. Then this article is for you And  .

This Might be New For Non technical savvy Hoteliers But Future is this for Hotels Ownrs & Managers and presently Non of Hotels Using it Or Know abou tthis .


Question :- What is Customer Information Broadcasting Department  ?

Answer :- Using modern technology and machine teaching algorithm  platforms Like Google search engine,Bing & yahoo search engine . Clean and organic way you connect to the peoples your customers 

Question :- How  Customer Information Broadcasting Department  Works  ?

Answer :- "Have a look at this Picture Below  Hotel GM Or Sales Or Owner Has to Do Only DO (STEP- 1 & STEP- 2 )

Than " Amit Sir promise you to Recovering and achieving all your hotel revenue targets and All your lost & Present Revenue Targets.




Writer of this article is Technology blogger and writer he is doing research on machine learning and advanced digital marketing options for hospitality industry.



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