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Advanced and Instant Hotel online reputation management solution

I am sure you are applying many ideas and methods for increasing your Hotel online Reputation. Because it is very HelpFull to Increased Hotel-Online and Offline Room Booking and Revenues. I am sure a lot of peoples companies are approaching you and claiming they will increase your Hotel Online Reputation in a few months. I am not one of those I will be giving you a solution platform to you and your self make Hotel online Reputation Online.

Every business is Grow on Reputation, but the main problem is nowadays with the Hotels is Physically mostly 98% percentage of happy customers and Only 2% of Hotel Guest customers are unhappy. from Hotels Worldwide After That also Hotel online Reputations are not increasing at Online. It is a very interesting  Hotel business online reputation depends on third-party online reputation websites.(OTA) ETC

Hi, Dude My Name is Amit gaur  I have done long Research and Development On How to Increased (Hotel Online Reputation Online )

 I find out our Hotel business online reputation depends on our customers. But practically if we look into real situations currently our Hotel online reputation depends on OTA and third-party companies. Have you ever noticed there are many Happy customers going from your Hotel but they are not writing on TripAdvisor goibibo MakeMyTrip why it is so? 
It is just because they do not have time, they expect good service and you have delivered good service that's it the contract finished. 

Hotel-Online Reputation 2019 
If you ask this question to any gentleman either he is a hotelier or hotel revenue manager he talked about guest feedback and review on OTA. Right. is only Method for Hotel online reputation 2019 

But have you ever noticed whoever showing your hotel guest feedback and reviews earning money from your hotel from commissions? Right. 

This problem is for Worldwide Hotels Hotel guest are not writing reviews online especially when Guest is Happy. Unhappy customers have no other choices to complain against Hotel services that are the reason they definitely write a review about Hotel services. 

In my 2 years, Research and Development I have come out with this conclusion whoever third-party agencies are showing Hotel feedbacks and reviews they are taking commissions from Hotel on online booking. The OTA websites and Agencies first showing User reviews and then they have an option for hotel room booking. As soon any tourist and travels booking a hotel room recharge commissions from Hotel management. Right. 

We come out with a solution. 
1. We have made a software programming for Hotel review management. We have connected this software with Google search results. So now there is a piece of good news for Hotel operators and Hotel manager who are looking forward to increasing their Hotel online reputation management. They can record hotel guest feedback and directly published on Google from their own personal online reputation management system. 

Fantastic result oriented and powerful method for increasing Hotel online reputation I would like to share you my Bullet points resource and development. 

The system is so strong it will every time appear on Google search whenever somebody is searching your Hotel reviews online with other OTA. 

  • Now you can easily convey your message to your potential customer's book with your hotel directly. 
  • Now you can address your customers what are the benefits of booking from your hotel website instantly 
  • Now you can address of customer why to book your hotel directly from other hotels in the city. 

I know many people who are reading this finding this very interesting and some are confused. Right.

Let me first tell you the benefits then I will explain you more With My System for (ORM) You Will Get Following

1. Free Third-party influence marketing of your Hotel brand and services 
2. Free Increasing More Hotel bookings is a guarantee on your hotel website. 
3. Free Your hotel online marketing cost will reduce to 80% 

I have made a small video for you. Just have a look if it took your 5 minutes but this video is full of Information and amazing method increasing Hotel online reputation and review management. 

Do you know this as a revenue manager and Hotel General Manager? Before booking Your Hotel Room online from any websites travellers are reading your hotel reviews online. And if they found reviews are not Good online He/She shift their mind to stay in any other Hotel. That is the reason your online Hotel Room Bookings are sometimes very increased and sometimes poor performance. 

Read About More my:- Case study done on Hotel Yois A 101 Hotel in Udaipur. I have given my platform to the hotel to increase their Hotel online reputation by self do it method. Yes without any digital marketing company for any digital Marketing software.

A. Hotel Increased Online Room Booking 48% 
B  They have increased lead generation of banquet & kitty party & conferences 
C. They have started increasing their online present on Google in the City free of cost.

Have you noticed that whoever (websites) showing your guest reviews and ratings asking you to pay commission for Hotel online booking from their website? 

You have also noticed whenever you are typing your hotel name on Google and search your hotel brand, you have noticed TripAdvisor,, Expedia and many other OTA came of first Page and Showing Guest Your Hotel Reviews and Than option for Room bookings, hotel room prices, discounts ETC. 

TRY  Solution and See Results 
A. Increase Hotel online reputation On Google 
B  increase direct hotel room bookings 
C. Increase influenced online Hotel marketing 

Our method is very easy and instant. And you will find the results on Google search instantly. After using our platform you will notice. Yourself creating your Hotel Online Reputation online. Direct leads to room booking increased and at the same time, OTA bookings also increased. 

I am offering this platform to you with a 15 days money back guarantee. No question ask. 

Advanced and Instant Hotel online reputation management solution

In this 5 minutes video. I am demonstrating a new advanced way of making Hotel online reputation guarantee. I am working towards a goal how we can reduce commissions from OTA and increase hotel room booking from Hotel websites. This is one of the new and advanced hotel marketing strategy made by hotel marketing company India. If you are looking for a solution for your hotel online reputation and increasing Hotel revenue believe me this will be killing all those strategies that your competitor is using. 

How  The System Work? The process is very simple 
1. Daily basis your MOD/hotel department heads/revenue managers / speaking about your hotel products and services. In such a fashion that convinced to the target audience why to book your hotel directly. That's what you want. We will Teach you How to Do it .


Now your hotel is having your own review platform on Google and you decide your hotel online reputation, not third-party agencies. Increase your hotel revenues and online reputation with this unique fantastic result oriented method

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Thank you very much, in Hindi and sincere gratitude to all those who are supporting and encouraging to develop such a modern technology and marketing strategies for increasing Hotel revenues.

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