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Covid-19 impact hospitality industry Try multiple hands multiple mind Marketing New ideas

The new idea for marketing your hotel on the Internet and digital platform is using multiple hands and multiple mind strategies. Covid-19 a Chinese virus impacts a lot to the hospitality industry. Hotels resorts and restaurant owners and managers are searching and discussing with each other what will be the new marketing strategies for hotels resorts and restaurants hello friends my name is Amit Gaur and I am a Hotel marketing professional.

 I am having 25 years of working experience into a hotel online and digital marketing and today I am sharing upgrade strategy to all those my brothers and sisters who are connected with the hospitality industry and my strategy is multiple hands and multiple Minds marketing strategies for your hotels yes I am talking about something out-of-the-box to market your hotel on the internet.

I will be giving you a guarantee that my strategy will never fade and you will definitely get benefit from this strategy I have created after my 25 years of working experiences I have designed this strategy into three categories. Have patience and read this strategy in the next 5 minutes and I am going to promise you after 5 minutes you will find yourself into great positive energy and you will appreciate this marketing strategy will definitely workout for every institution organization and business related to the hospitality industry. Multiple hands and multiple mind strategies never failed in the past 500 years. Now it is time to collect all the positive energy in the organization and connect and focus on one thing increasing your hotel restaurant and Resort facilities offer promotions to the right audience in the world.

I have defined my multiple hands and multiple mind Hotel marketing strategies into three steps.

My first step is

Skill mapping of all your employees and find out who is capable to become a digital marketer. In this process and in this strategy you have to create a skill mapping of all the employees working in your hotel resort and restaurant and identify what work they are expert in and how all those contribute to your hotel's digital and online marketing. I am sure in yours. Your employees you have a good quality of people who can create high quality of content there are people who are very good in to creating videos and talking good on social media so you have to identify all those peoples and provide a job description for them that they going to market about their departmental product and services on the internet in a specific and standard operating procedure away.

If you want more clarity in this step You can always contact me I am available 24 hours to help you and support you I am a digital marketing Trainer for the hospitality industry. In my past 5 years, I have taught on most hundred peoples Google promotions Google Adword social media marketing and my this hotel marketing strategy is unique because this hotel marketing strategy will give you definitely results because whenever your staff is not doing anything they are contributing into your business online marketing which you need after COVID-19 impact to the hospitality industry.

My step second is

My second step is after identifying who are those who can become a great digital marketer from your present employees my duty and responsibility is to teach them Internet and digital marketing in a very easy way. This training program is not just for few hours this training program is not for just a few weeks this training program will be long term I will be working together with your staff regularly on daily basis to ensure the mission and vision to make your brand famous in the world continuous. Regularly.

I will be teaching Google search engine operations Google programming Google advert and social media marketing I have created a great syllabus for that.

My third step is

This hotel marketing strategy after lockdown and COVID-19 impact to the hospitality industry are killing because in this step and process and going to ensure that everyday lot of lead generation happens and all those leads reach to the Concern person who going to close it either low profit for low margin profits but we not going to leave any business unbaked. Overall moral of the story is you have n number of peoples working in your organisation what is now missing in your life is revenues and to increase and more revenues you need more visibility more marketing and more branding of your organisation you have two options in front of you either investing 5 of rupees to any digital marketing agency with no commitment for making your own digital marketing employees, who will be hundred percent faithful to your organisation and committed to provide results this as a new subject for hospitality industry but I think everyone should know basic of digital marketing they should know how to contribute in to marketing and branding of the organisation and believe me this will be the future of hospitality industry everyone who you want promotions and more salary increase they will be ansible that what will be your contribution in to revenue and branding so my dear friends to all my hotels brothers and sisters all the hotel owners and all the Hotel Manager if you are looking for out of the world Hotel marketing new ideas and strategies read this article carefully because in this article myself Hotel marketing professional has shared you the essence of my 15 years of working experience in to online digital marketing for hotels resorts and restaurant.

One thing I have learnt that multiple hands and multiple mind strategies always work and you can take any example of any organisation, you can consider online travel agency example you can see the travel agency everyday has some good updates on the websites and that is one of the reason you will find their websites always on top pages on search engine but if you compare with your website there is nothing happening on your hotel resort restaurant website it is dead so it is time to put your hotel website into a process where every time your website has something freshness your social media marketing is original your office promotion reach to the target audience and for this you need a very big online internet marketing and for decor online internet marketing use your own employees and if you want a training and online support I am expert in to hospitality digital marketing services in very affordable price my services are available with commitment and results I would like to say gratitude and thank you for reading this such a big article about Hotel New marketing ideas and strategies after lockdown I am sure my experience and my knowledge age will really help you finding and improving your hotel revenue after covid-19 impact to your business hospitality industry


Marketing strategies new after covid-19
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