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Hotel marketing strategy 2018- 2018 By Amit Gaur now used in 2024

Hotel marketing strategy 2024-2024 you can try this formula and you will find every time success from last 5 years this formula is really working and this formula is look after the customer very well use internet marketing especially the Google advertisement and you will see the magic.

Amit Gaur is one of the famous name in hotel industry because he is associated with many hotels as a advisor for Hotel marketing. He has developed lot of softwares and Technology for Hotel marketing. Sharing information about few points he share in United State of America, Hotel marketing conference 2024

Hotel marketing is changing, now everything is digitalised, Hotel operators and Hotel managers has to perform and accept the latest trend of hotels marketing. Your customer is online, but the hotel marketing presence online with the help of third party website. Still hotels owners are struggling to make their websites on top pages on Google search. The latest trend in hospitality industry about Hotel marketing is invest in technology at least one day of your revenue invest in your technology for your hotels. You will find the tremendous results. After hearing this word from Mr Amit, we also recognise he is saying right, now hotels marketing strategy is changing, there are 50 to 200 people working in any individual hotel. But still hotels are depending on third party company for Hotel marketing. If they have a training program, or individual who can help Hotel operators to train their hotel staff to perform Hotel marketing especially digital marketing. This will make a great impact and big time online presence in real time with less effort is the latest marketing strategy share by Mr Amit. 

Latest marketing strategy for Hotel operators 

1. The best marketing study is increase your online reputation, many hotels have already worked on, but still few hotels are far away from understanding what is online reputation, there are many content available on Google about Hotel online marketing, which is totally related to reputation, a good reputation of hotels online is the simplest and easiest marketing strategy for Hotel operators and Hotel managers to increase Hotel revenue. 

2. Use of modern technology which will increase customer satisfactions and experience is the second most best marketing strategy. There are many softwares available in the market which are very helpful to enhance customer experience is staying in the hotel.( Learn more about best hotel guest experience software.). Bigger hotels have already accepted that but small hotels are still in the confusion, how to move from old fashion guest experience to modern guest experience trends. Sharing you the information about the website you can learn more about guest experience to for Hotels. 

3. Look after your guest well. Is the best marketing strategy from 100 years, and it will remain on the top next 500 years. Mouth publicity, is the best marketing strategy which will be keep on top priority for all the hotel operators and Hotel managers. 

3. Staff networking 
   Create staff networking and communication system so strong so your guest who is coming to hotel will feel WOW. 

These three are the basic marketing strategy which is applicable for every class of Hotel 

More, marketing strategy for hotels 2018 

1. creat and designed special packages for your hotel, give something extra to your customers, give something extra to the tourist and travellers who are coming to your city, make a very attractive packages. 

2. Provide complementary, to attract more customers to your hotel, provide more complementary which are play an important role for a tourist and Traveller to book your hotel and the complementary are not very expensive for you, like, pickup and drop facilities in reasonable price, free site seen, special amusement, entertainment facilities, this free Wi-Fi , and complimentary water bottle, is bull shit marketing astrology if anybody telling you it is nowadays must to do complementary expenses for Hotel operators. 

3. Reasonable pricing of your room service and restaurant menu card. This is the most important factor hotels having very expensive price for food I don't know why, this is something which every Hotel operator need to look into and make a strategy, of a very healthy profit but not cutting neck of customers. I have visited one of the hotel and I have eaten grilled chicken, it was very surprising when did charge me 900 rupees for grilled chicken. I live in USA, and daily I eat grilled chicken, the cost of a chicken, anda recipe, not more than 300 rupees, I really don't understand that time what was the uniqueness of that grilled chicken. my suggestion to the hotel operators and Hotel managers is to plan reasonable price food menu is one of the most effective marketing strategy in 2018. 

4. Referral programs 
   Nowadays, marketing is about networking, everybody want a great network, to sell his product and services, total operators must include referred programming marketing into their strategy to increase Hotel revenue. Many hotels has already started but you are still confused they are searching online 1000 marketing strategies but still they have not implemented single. 

5. Look after your staff well 
   This is something new marketing strategy for the hotel operators and Hotel Manager if you look after your staff very well they will look after your guest very well, it is very surprising but it is fact this action results tremendous cost cutting in hotel marketing budget. Try, this everytime successful, 5 star hotels are using it, small hotels still do not believe in this, but this marketing strategy it's something amazing and everytime workable. 

6. Increase your presence 
   Digital marketing affect our life, digital marketing influenced tourist and travellers to decide suitable hotel room to book, create your online presence more than your hotel competitor, use modern technologies software and companies, there are plenty companies. I can recommend you one of the best hotel marketing company in India is Amit Gaur and his team, because amit Gaur has worked in hotels for 15 years he has developed lot of Technology and program for Hotel marketing. Lot of people has recommend his services for Hotel marketing in India.

Conclusion : Due to neck to neck competition among the hotels in the cities. You have to look after your customers who is visiting your hotel is the best marketing strategy, to make him back again to your hotel. Applying Modern Digital platforms, create best online reputation, investing into technology and the People's skill development is the best marketing strategy which can always keep you occupied in term of revenues, hotel room of occupancy, and waiting list in restaurants. Digital world is changing, hotel need to invest in technology at least there one day sale if they invest into Technology believe me this is the best strategy for hotels nowadays to compete marketing program enhancing revenues.


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