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Hotel marketing Idea for you to bring More Guest after covid 19 impact

Namaskar,  I know it will be a difficult time for us all, in this difficult time I want to add my skills and knowledge for your project. I really do not know how much you can trust me and how you going to respond after reading my Article to you. But I can understand the pain of an upcoming situation in the hospitality industry. 

I am offering Three problem-solving services to Hotel resorts and Restaurant as a fightback with COVID19 impact for an individual Hotel Resort Restaurant. 

1. Teaching and training Hotel staff departments, How to do Google SEO SME ( Search Engine Optimisation search engine marketing ). It means I am offering a solution for your hotel to be everywhere on Google without any digital marketing agency. this is a supersolid way to compete and fight back with anyone. Multiple hands and multiple minds.

2. Creating an artificial intelligence Website for Your hotel restaurant FNB and start your own takeaway and home deliveries and Catering services in your city.

3. Creating artificial intelligence software for your hotel which can make your hotel contact Less delivery system. Supersolid interactive platform between your customers and your guest. Without any application download. I have created a mind-boggling software that uses a Hotel Wi-Fi network and converts that network into an artificial intelligence platform for customers and hotel staff. That has outstanding models and services.

Overall you required now three things

1. Business and Customers

Answer:- I am offering you a digital marketing training of your Hotel department, your Own digital marketing army which is better than any Big Daddy digital marketing agency in your city. 

2. Handling Business in a new way 

Answer- I am offering you an artificial intelligence system for your hotel for contactless guest deliveries.

3. Promote your FNB

Answer - New artificial intelligent website and software development for your own takeaway and delivery system one-time investment lowest price and automate Marketing Solution.

Read in Details ................

Namaskar, believe me, I don't want to sell you anything, I am contacting you to share information about a new project . made for Hotel resorts and restaurants for getting more customers better than your competitor after COVID 19 impact your business. My name is Amit Gaur Read the benefits and strategies from This project made to fight back with COVID19 impact for an individual Hotel Resort restaurant.

Read about the benefits anyone can get you can follow my strategy

1. free of cost solid digital marketing and online promotion of your hotel resort restaurant on Google and in the world. You will find everywhere your every Hotel product and services on an internet search, social media, etc.

2. you will start getting directly more business because customers will find everywhere your hotel on the internet. in your city. big like OTA

3. you will be having your own takeaway and more FNB orders.

4. you will get more leads and inquiries definitely 100% on a daily basis

5. overall my project and my services will help more your hotel to survive after COVID-19 impact on hospitality and your hotel. can we talk for 5 minutes............+919571118855 my Whatapp number India. or Read till last ..............

Namaskar Again, my name is Amit Gaur and I am a Google search engine ranking consultant who is also having solid knowledge of F&B. Hotel resorts and Restaurants.

I write Google Search algorithms and strategies to Rank the Hotel Restaurant website on top pages on Google and other search engines. also, Fnb Consulting to Hotel Resorts to improve their food quality standard operating procedures hygiene and digital marketing training and Google promotions and ranking things. Overall I consult, I teach and I developed Strategies and planning for Hotel Resorts restaurant.

Overall I am contributing my skill and knowledge to improving the business and Brand visibility to the target audience in the world. My story is very interesting if you have time we can talk with each other I can tell you the whole story but not now............

I am  A Hotelier like you  I worked for 14 years into  F&B Department Hotels in INDIA. And presently I am consulting few Hotels & Resorts and restaurants in India and out of INDIA. My core competency in teaching and helping hotel staff, managers Hotel digital marketing, optimization for revenues, safety, and securities, FNB consulting, menu planning, cost control, hygiene, and safety, and New technology software programming development for Hotels to make guests wow.

Today I am going to share my  out of the box My idea to bring More Guest to your business place after COVID 19 impact, and trust me this will not fail.

Amit gaur 

Covid-19 has spoiled the Hospitality industry for the next 12 months. Many peoples will lose their job and Hotel owners and Hotel Manager finding themself not able to reach the break-even. The following problems will come in front of every Hotel Resort Restaurant. Everywhere is negative energy but don't worry my Idea will bring more customers to your Hotel Restaurant and Resort will definitely help you. Following problems, every business owner will find.........

 So now I am presenting you My unique Idea and Strategy if you like to use if for your business.

Q. After COVID-19 what has been Removed from the Hospitality industry?

A. Yes, City Occupancy went down Less Demand vs More Supplies. After COVID-19 Impact

 But Every Hotel Resort Restaurant in the world wants to fill its Hotel Rooms, F&B Department head wants more customers, revenues managers want at least survive and paying all the bills, staff salaries, Rents, Bank dues, etc. But How ??????? and when ??????

And in this situation lot of new ideas coming like starting cloud kitchen, sanitization, New Hotel SOP and many practices and ideas floating in the world..... But this all will increase your expenses... So my Idea is getting more customers to your Hotel...........

Now New solid Idea is Here for  ...

A. How to get the customers in The Hotel?

B. How leads and demand will Generate for Hotels?

C. How to Tell Peoples that My Hotels is Safe and secure from COVID-19 I am the best in the City? 

My strategy and my Idea is "How you will get 100 % more customers to your business after COVID-19

1. Broadcast on Google and Social Media:- Tell the world and your Target audience  ( Strategy number #1 )

Super duper idea and strategy to Bringing more customers to your restaurant hotel resort and Restaurant, first of all, you need to market and create awareness about your "city Than "About your product and Hotel services on google and all social media platforms that you are superior in your city.your city is safe from COVID 19 impacts, You follow all the best sanitization and hygiene processes in your Hotel or restaurant and you are the lowest price and affordable. One of the best among others.

2. Now Question is "How to make a very good Hotel online presence quickly without investing money?" ( Strategy number # 2 )

Create your own digital marketing Army that is responsible and answerable for increasing your hotel brand and revenues. You need "multiple hands and multiple minds" to promote your business on the internet not Trust me just an agency with Limited scope of work with no commitment.will not work now .

Now you need more people for  lead generation for your business. And I am sure you have an excellent offline sales team to close it. 

My strategy is " Try Multiple hands and multiple Minds Hotel online marketing strategies", say goodbye to your present digital marketing agency, who is working for you with Limited scope of work with no guarantee and warranty of your revenue success. It is time to convert your hotel departments and staff into digital marketers.

I am proposing to you In this difficult time, your Hotel departments and staff should capable of market their product and service and advertisement directly on Google and other social media platforms. Now They should be also contributing to generating leads inquiry for your business.

Every Hotel department should responsible for his department Hotel's's online branding & Marketing and generate leads for your  Hotel resort and restaurant. And I am sure you are having solid and wonderful offline sales and marketing people to close it............

do you agreed with me ? more customers you need more marketing more brand visibility and without multiple peoples and multiple hands it's not possible. so, create your own digital marketing Army


list of training topics that every hotel staff should know.

The multiple hands and multiple Minds strategies will really helpful for your business marketing branding and come out with this COVID-19 impact on your business. And I can give you a guarantee this strategy never failed.


Presently in your hotel, you have   4  Departments

1. Front office Revenue Department

All the team members working in the hotel front office and Revenue Department should know how to increase website direct bookings, how to optimize your website on search engines and make your hotel website on top pages on Google. I am talking about Hotel SEO SMO. And believe me, this is very easy they can do it without leaving their departments......... I will tell you in the last how......

2. FNB & Kitchen 

Your fnB and the food production department should know how to instantly promote offers discounts and food festival promotions online on Google and much more instantly on different social media platforms. And believe me, this is very easy they can do it. Anyone can do it....... I will tell you in the last how to do it.

3. Housekeeping

Your housekeeping department should know how to broadcast on Google search engine and create a big branding and awareness about your hotel rooms sanitization and creating big marketing and branding and knowledgebase about your hotel's best hygiene sanitization and one of the safe and Secure hotels in your city. And believe me, it is so easy... I will tell you in the last how to do it........

4. IT department & others

Your hotel IT Department should know, how they can handle and maintain your hotel website, creating backlinks for your website. Assembling all the content and published on different social media platforms. Creative designing and development for your hotel branding. And trust me anyone can do this it is so easy........... I will tell you in the last how to do it.........

Overall I am proposed  digital marketing training for your hotel departments and make your own digital marketing Army who generate leads and create a big brand of your business on internet. This is the only solution . if you want more customers you need more marketing. And for more marketing you have only two options one pay more to  3rd party digital marketing agency or create your own online marketing Army


Trust me it will work 100 %, I would like to share the Past experience  I work for the food production department for 14 years, and 10 years back I start learning Google algorithms and writing software and I find it's very easy compared to working in the Hotel FNB. Anyone can easily learn and deliver.

 .Trust me it will work 100%  investing only 10 minutes daily you can increase more online takeaway orders, online room bookings, and more parties and more inquiries for your hotel after COVID-19 impact to the hospitality industry.

City Occupancy Has down but how much your business required from City Occupancy is the key result area for your business.

Attracting more customers you need your business more online visibility. I am sure you agreed with me nowadays users do the research on the internet before purchasing anything. So if your brand visible big on the Internet your many many problems will be solved.............after COVID 19 

trust me you are already late to start this:-  if you are implementing this idea and suggestion 6 months back believe me COVID-19 will do nothing for your business.

Trust me the coming month's Everybody finds a great competition because every Hotel is empty and every hotel owner wants their Hotel to filled to survive. Every Hotel will appoint a digital marketing agency to seek my advice you must have your own digital marketing Army who works day night for your hotel interest. A digital marketing agency will not give you a revenue increasing commitments but your own digital marketing Army can do anything for your hotel because there bread and butter coming from your hotel and they don't want to cheat their own bread and butter..............

Now you must be thinking about How you can do that...............??????????

A. Find somebody digital marketing Trainer for the hospitality industry, who can give you a guarantee Creating your own digital marketing Army who can work together with your team day and night and take the responsibility to make your brand famous on the internet with multiple minds and multiple hand strategies.

B. Or contact me. call me on +919571118855, let's have five minutes talk on WhatsApp or phone.



Overall the conclusion is

1. Hire any Digital marketing Trainer for your Hotel resort and Restaurant who can teach and regularly monitor your hotel online digital marketing, who can give you a guarantee of making your own digital marketing army and in a short span of time He can build a great online presence of your hotel services products offers discounts on the internet. Keeping in mind multiple hands and multiple mind strategies. Hire digital marketer who can convert your hotel departments and staff into efficient digital marketers who can able to market their department products and services on the internet who can contribute a big into lead generation for your business. Chefs, Fnb, receptionist, welcoming staff, backend staff, and many more working in your hotel can be converted into your hotel digital marketing Army.


Amit Gaur, Digital Marketing Consultant for the Hospitality industry now a trainer for Hotels staff. 

Thank you very much for reading my informative article. You can contact you for all your questions and answers in your mind.

Namaskar, you can add my number +919571118855 save me on your WhatsApp

Conclusion   Now it is time to accept and adapt  " multiple hands && multiple minds online marketing strategy


I will be working under your brand or as your Associates

1. I Will teaching Hotel departments Staff Google Bing search engine algorithms Search Engine Optimisation.

2.  SMO 


1. we will create a roadmap for individual department digital online marketing, Monopoly in the city and in all the categories on the internet

2. we give department tasks and monitor their performance, corrections immediately before the content goes to the world.

3. progress mapping skill mapping and online training outgoing 24online project

What will be the result?

1. you will be amazing to see on the internet everywhere your brand presents like an online travel agency or any other website.

2. you will find your offline salespeople will have many leads and queries.

3. if you are still people convert leads into hour conversion your problem for surviving reviving solved.

Q.What happens if my I departments not able to perform digital marketing online marketing and learn well?

A. my training is so simple, and results are powerful I take the full guarantee.

Q. What are the training topics for Hotel departments?

A.  How to  immediately broadcast your latest offers discounts promotion on Google search engine

B.  how to rank Hotel website on top pages on Google

C.  How to create audience engagement videos for more convergence

D. how to optimize social media platform into more customers to your department goals

F. how to achieve our Revenue Department budgets with the help of investing 5 minutes daily on the internet

Because I will be working as a funnel between your online and offline every content reach to social media will give solid and amazing. Multiple hands and multiple Minds marketing strategies I suggest to you. Let's work together on the subject. you can add my number +919571118855 save me on your WhatsApp

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