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How to choose a chef consultant for restaurant consultancy

So you are decided to open your new venture into Food Industry and you are new to the trade and from many days you are searching online a good Chef consultant who can set up your restaurant in a very professional way and help to start your food business in India. Brothers and sisters today I would like to share you some real facts and useful tips how you will find your best chef Consultant for your food business. 

1. Search online 
   You search online on Google you will find many Chef consultant in India you shortlist few of them and start talking to them on phone call or by the email. 

2. Ask for three things 
   Believe me every Chef consultant will tell you he is the best consultant in the India what I am saying you useful tips how you will select best among many available in the country. 

The useful tips are here 
1. Whenever you are hiring a chef consultant you should check how good he is in cooking normally chef consultants are very good in designing developing menus and few celebrity share will tell you watching on TV. But believe me it is your business you are putting your money, it is your dream, always remember nobody will take your dream, so while conversation you have to check whether this consultant will take your dreams or not if you not able to understand your Vision and Mission believe me you just waste money and time on that consultant. 

2. My useful tips for you before selecting chef consultant is, you will be surprised consultant will get Commission from the vendors, like kitchen equipments, crockery and cutlery,etc. Opposite to this a good consultant will reduce your restaurant pre opening cost. While discussing with him you have to check whether your Chef consultant talking about more discussion on purchasing or more discussion on how execution will happen. If he is talking about purchasing believe me you say goodbye to him because he will take Commission, he will give you few papers, vicky called sop, that's it. 

3. My useful tips before selecting any chef consultant for your food business is you should examine him how good he is in costing believe me maximum restaurant sale due to an balance into costing food cost and revenue so you have to check I were this consultant which you have shortlisted is deeply knowledgeable about costing operating cost calculating cost and able to deliver what he is speaking regarding to the costing. 

4. My Fourth useful tip is understand Chef consultant how would he is in marketing and latest trend happening in fnb. Because normally you will find consultant with have a same menu, free me if you are opening your food business you have to ask question to yourself why you are doing this why you need a consultant why people will come to your restaurant believe me if you find these answers and you will cross questions all those to a consultant who claim he is the best chef consultant in India believe me if the answers all your questions instantly hiring. Because this type of consultants are very rare in India. 

5. My fifth useful tips to you before finalising any Chef Consultant for your food business is ask him this three questions if you satisfied with the answers believe me you find a right person. 

1. How good you are into trainings of peoples? 
2. What strategy you will consult us for our restaurant for marketing  and trending in the City ? 
3. How you can able to handle my project on regular basis without visiting many times at my restaurant ? 

Believe me if a chef consultant able to give you this 3 answers he is one of the best chef consultant in India. I would like to seek you a advice you are investing your hard work money if you are selecting are right mindset peoples consultant in your project the chances of success you increased double. Restaurant business is all about quality of food, innovation, fast Service and reasonable pricing. If any consultant able to provide you these three in his consultancy hiring immediately and open your restaurant good luck. 

Many peoples ask us by email can you suggest somebody who is very good Chef consultant in India ? 

Answer : Believe me every Chef who can take your project to your next level is a good consultant I am sharing you few topmost Chef consultant list you can read about them and discussing about more here are the top best chef consultant in India.

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